Earn money online!


OpinionPrizes is a portal with different survey panels looking for people interested in giving their opinion and participating in online surveys. It is very easy to participate, just select the panels you like and sign up to each one, then you will receive surveys directly from each panel that you have registered with.

Many survey panels offer money through paypal, however each client works their rewards system in different ways. You can see other types of compensation below.



You can also win gift cards and coupons for completing surveys. Many survey companies partner with the top stores that offer branded gift cards. Other types of rewards may be coupons or complimentary product samples.

Winning prizes never has been so easy, share your opinion and start winning!

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Some of the customers will give you the option to buy products through a system of accumulation of points or credit.

Each survey that you complete has a value of credits or points that you can accumulate, every time you answer a survey you can accumulate the value assigned so that you can eventually purchases products you have access to.

Do not forget to check your accumulated balance to be able to exchange for incredible products for you!

Flexibility of time and schedule!


OpinionPrizes allows you to respond and complete surveys at your own leisure, at the time of registering to the different survey panels you can choose when and how many surveys to answer, you do not have a time limit or quantity of surveys to respond.

As you register for more panels and decide to answer more surveys you will be increasing your chances of earning points and winning more prizes in less time, you decide the pace and time and when you will be answering surveys.

Remember, the more surveys you complete the more you can win.

It’s free and there is no obligation!


The best thing about taking online surveys? They are completely complimentary without any commitment. Do not be fooled by fake sites requesting you to pay for access to survey lists, you should never pay anything to register or take survey panels, it is completely free process.

Additional you do not have any commitment with the panels that you decide to use, your participation is completely free, you decide if you do or do not want to participate in different surveys, the decision is yours.