Participate in opinionprizes is completely free. At no time will you be charged either from the companies with which we work or from us directly. The survey is totally free and at no time will we ask you to pay for your participation.
You can be assured that we are offering you a reliable service, free of fraudulent procedures. We are in charge of connecting market research companies with the general public, we only work with legitimate market research companies. You have full control, there is no obligation to participate, you decide when and in which surveys to participate.
Often, they are sites where you can join communities that participate in online surveys. These communities receive periodic surveys. It is good to be part of several panels to improve your opportunities.
Paid surveys are questionnaires made by market research companies who are willing to reward you for giving your opinion on a specific topic or product always for free and without any commitment. The easiest way to participate in surveys is to be part of several survey panels. They periodically send surveys. For your benefit, the language will depend on the country of which you participate, generally you can take them either in your local language.
Yes! When you register with us you will have access to a variety of surveys, the more surveys you choose, the greater the number of opportunities to win many prizes. All the companies we work with are willing to reward you for your opinion, either with prizes, gift cards or points that you can accumulate to redeem for more gifts. We advise that you always take your time, that is the most important thing; You can participate in several surveys, do not limit yourself and participate in all that interest you.
Surveys are paid for by companies that are seeking the opinion of their consumers, they have specific marketing budgets and invests in market research, thus improving their client’s products and services.
Of course, you can, many people participate at the same time answering the same survey, the investigations require different opinions, so you can freely select any survey you want.
The way you receive your rewards varies depending on the company in which you are participating, most give away gift cards according to the panel rules. The best thing you can do is check the conditions for each market research company.
There is no limit to the number of surveys you want to select and participate, the more surveys you answer the greater the chances of you getting better and more rewards.